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2017 - 2020

Govt. misleads scientists, media, and public

Silence on DuPont reports and "scrubbers"

2017 - 2020: The evidence suggests that officials misled the Science Advisory Board, the media, and the public about the government's long history of communications with DuPont (Chemours) Fayetteville Works and government knowledge and concealment of GenX and PFAS chemical waterwater discharges from the Fluorochemicals Plant (via the scrubbers). At a meeting on December 4, 2017, the Science Advisory Board heard presentations prepared by state government officials. Surprisingly, the government presentations concealed essential historical information, including how DuPont had written repeatedly in annual reports to government officials that chemicals in the "acid fluoride family" were being transferred to water from their Fluorochemicals Plant (via the scrubbers), resulting in PFAS pollutants (PFAAs, fluorocarbons, GenX and PFAS chemicals) in the wastewater. Once again, it is important to note that the chemical plant's scrubbers are "control devices" regulated by government officials (NC DEQ Division of Air Quality and U.S. EPA under the Title V program). As a result of this government regulatory responsibility, for nearly two decades state and federal government officials had access to detailed information describing the discharge of chemical pollutants (acid fluorides or acyl fluorides, PFAAs, fluorocarbons, GenX and PFAS chemicals, etc.) in the wastewater from the Fluorochemicals Plant (via the scrubbers) into the Cape Fear River.

It should be noted that much of the concealed government information is contained in state government's own IBEAM database, as well as in the state agency's Fayetteville Office and Raleigh Central Office files. The meetings of the Science Advisory Board provided an opportunity for government agencies and officials to "come clean" with the public and work collaboratively with academic experts to identify "lessons learned" and needed changes in both state government and the U.S. EPA. Instead, the evidence shows that government officials concealed essential information from the Science Advisory Board, the impacted communities, the media, and the public.

NC DEQ 15-year Coverup. Where was U.S. EPA?

DuPont (Chemours) - Fayetteville, NC

Fluorochemicals Plant and "scrubbers"

PFAAs, PFAS, GenX chemicals

U.S. EPA, North Carolina DEQ cover-up

Information in DuPont's annual reports

Government concealment and cover-up


There is a substantial amount of evidence that government officials are in the 15th year of a cover-up of their knowledge and concealment of GenX and PFAS chemical wastewater discharges into the Cape Fear River from the DuPont (Chemours) Fluorochemicals Plant (via the scrubbers). The Cape Fear River is a source of drinking water for Wilmington and many other downstream communities. In light of the many years of government concealment and cover-up, it seems reasonable and fair to ask why the public should trust the state and federal government officials responsible for the oversight of facilities that are major sources of pollution in North Carolina. Surprisingly, there has never been an independent, bipartisan, and transparent investigation of what went wrong in the state and federal governments' handling of the DuPont (Chemours) Fluorochemicals Plant that caused the Wilmington to Fayetteville Drinking Water Crisis.

How to conceal a large Fluorochemicals Plant
Clue - wrong location!
NC DEQ 15-year Coverup. Where was U.S. EPA?