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Wilmington area & nearby counties

Our top concern in the Wilmington area for 2019 is drinking water quality and the Cape Fear River. We are an informal, independent, bipartisan group of citizens dedicated to identifying and implementing the changes needed to make public agencies more transparent, collaborative, modern, and effective.

Our priorities: Children, Education, Environment, Senior Citizens

Alert Watchdogs

Our Focus (2019)

Encourage Gov. Cooper and the North Carolina General Assembly to form an independent, bipartisan panel to conduct a transparent investigation of evidence pointing to a 15-year cover-up by the state environmental agency; and

A review of Dupont Fayetteville Work's annual reports to DEQ Air Quality over a period of many years, in combination with a considerable amount of other evidence, reveals a multi-year concealment by the management of the DEQ Division of Air Quality of information about PFAS and GenX chemicals in wastewater (via the scrubbers) from Dupont (Chemours) Fayetteville's large Fluorochemicals Plant adjacent to the Cape Fear River.

Chemours GenX, Dupont Fayetteville PFAS, NC DEQ cover-up 2019

News Stories

July 22, 2919: Matt Bennett reports on testimony to Congress regarding PFAS chemicals in drinking water, WWATTV3 website.

June 13, 2919: Nadia Ramlagan interviews Emily Donovan about chemicals in drinking water from the Cape Fear River,

June 10, 2019: Vince Winkel reports on GenX two years later (Part 2), website.

June 3, 2019: Lynn Bonner on Lake Sutton and coal ash, Charlotte Observer website.

May 31, 2019: Lisa Sorg reports on contaminated drinking water and state funding in NC, NC Policy Watch website.

May 10, 2019: Lisa Sorg reports on PFAS and GenX in groundwater wells in New Hanover County, NC Policy Watch website.

More News Stories

Chemours GenX and PFAS, DEQ cover-up

Key Entities

UNC Wilmington | NC State, University researchers;

ECU | UNC-C | Duke (1) | Duke (2) | UNC-CH | UNC-W, University Researchers;

UNC Collaboratory | PFAST Network, University researchers;

Clean Cape Fear, Alliance of groups and citizens;

Cape Fear River Watch, nonprofit organization working to protect and improve the water quality of the lower Cape Fear River Basin;

DEQ Drinking Water Watch, NC Department of Environmental Quality;

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, public utility and drinking water provider for the Wilmington area;

Brunswick County Government, county government and drinking water provider; and

Pender County Government, county government and drinking water provider.


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