Alert Watchdogs 2019!

Chemours Fayetteville Works

Our Focus (2019)

Monitor Chemours' activities installing and operating new air pollution control equipment;

Monitor the NC DEQ's activities related to Chemours, including inspections and reports.

Encourage NC DEQ Secretary Regan to make the Dupont Chemours documents in the IBEAM database visible to the public; and

Encourage NC DEQ Secretary Regan to press DEQ's Division of Air Quality for greater transparency.

Alert Watchdogs

News Stories

July 2, 2019: Alexander H. Tulle reports Chemours sues Dupont over environmental liabilities, from Chemical & Engineering News.

June 3, 2019: Lisa Sorg reports on perfluoronated compounds found on produce,from NC Policy Watch website.

May 31, 2019: Lisa Sorg reports on contaminated drinking water and state funding in NC, from NC Policy Watch website.

Chemours GenX and PFAS, DEQ cover-up


Alert Watchdogs
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